New Membership 2023

We have simplified membership and training fees and combined into 4 separate memberships payable in one amount or over 12 months. There is no increase to the existing costs of membership.

The new memberships are due from 01 January 2023 and are payable by 31 January 2023.

The new memberships require any existing payments running into 2023 to be cancelled. Klubfunder (KF) staff have cancelled all payments set up on KF.

Any payments made in 2022 that partially relate to 2023 will be reimbursed. e.g.Senior Team players  were paying a membership/registration fee of £60. Any portion of this relating to 2023 or any monthly £5 payments paid in January 2023 will be refunded.

The payment process has been tested over the weekend and payments are being correctly set up on Klubfunder using GoCardless,(GC)   When  each payment is set up, emails will be sent to the payer.

Some minor modifications have been made to KF.  Please see atached PDF for details Membership 2023-26-01-23



All old membership/payments for 2023 have been cancelled on KF. Please register your children for 2023 on KF. Consider Family Membership as an option to reduce child membership costs and for mothers and fathers to become GAA members, at a cost of £2.50 each per month!


Please cancel any existing pre 2023 memberships such as annual (£60) or monthly memberships (£5) and register as a Senior Player on KF.

Paul O’Hea, Chairman

Brian Baker, Treasurer


10 January 2023.

By julieannecanning Tue 10th Jan