Fundraiser – Join Our Euro Millions Syndicate!

-Club Fundraiser 2023-

We have launched a Euro Millions lottery syndicate as a club fundraiser, to raise much needed funds to help with both the running of the club and future developments. We are working hard to provide the best facilities and equipment for our members, young and old. This year our pitch maintenance costs alone have increased to £15,000 to keep our pitch in fantastic condition. We also want to keep improving our equipment and start working towards funds for the development of a second full size pitch.

*Entries close on June 26th*

Enter Now

-TO JOIN the syndicate, it is a one off cost of £20 via Klubfunder or use PayPal here

-26 Weeks Duration (June 27th to Dec 22nd)

-416 Chances To Win Big!

-Plus 6 Monthly Draws for £50

-Winnings distributed after final draw

-Prizes over £10k split evenly

-Winnings Under £10k Raffled For Syndicate Members (1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%)

-Over 18 years old To Enter


Steelstown euro millions lottery syndicate fundraiser

By chairpersonsteelstown Mon 29th May